We are experts in agricultural buildings. Our specialisation is in the production and installation of the agricultural technical elements as for example side and roof ventilation system, roller gates, system of entrances or slurry tank roofing. At the client's request, we are able to prepare made to measure solution in high quality and agreed deadlines. Among our partners there are investors, building companies or farmers. 

Roof airflow systems, side ventilation systems, roller gates,  entrance systems or slurry tank roofing. 

Information about our guarantee service and after guarantee service, technical support and other services. 

Selection of top 5 project solutions which were built by Haze for our satisfied customers. 

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Why to choose us?

We deliver complete service to our customers - consultation, wide range of our products, final realisation and maintenance. 

Thanks to in-house development we are ready to prepare made to measure solution for our clients including atypical sizes. 

Our specialists have long time experience and therefore they are able to help with ventilation, lighting or controlling the air circulation in the stables. 

We deliver the products in high quality in agreed deadlines. We care about progress and new solutions of materials and methods applying. 

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Haze side ventilation systems are suitable not only for cattle houses or riding halls, but also for garden centers, i.e. larger roofed areas where the handling equipment and of course customers must move comfortably. This is exactly the demand we got from the garden center Škuta in Údlice near Chomutov.

Animal Welfare


When renovating or designing a new stable for all cattle age categories, it is important to remember one crucial criterion: the issue of animal welfare. In 1993, the British Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) approved a codex of five basic freedoms that have been accepted worldwide, not excepting the Czech Republic. One of these is ensuring an...

Having a high-quality stables ventilation system is important for several reasons - it ensures the animals live in comfort, influences the distribution of natural light inside the stable, reduces the speed of air flow and reduces the number of birds that fly into the building. The ideal solution is for the system to function independently without...