Haze roller gates replace classic leaved or sliding gates. The gate body is hot-dip galvanised and the canvas cloth is rolled onto a shaft mounted above the entrance. This type of installation saves space and prevents the canvas from being damaged by gusts of wind when the gate is open. Colour-wise, the customer can choose which gate design they prefer; a wide range of colour variants (including colour combinations) allows the gate to serve as a brightening element. In addition, the gate can be customised by replacing the canvas cloth with a draught-proof mesh. The gate controls are either electric or mechanical. 


These gates are suitable for areas where the gate will be used frequently, such as in feeding corridors. The electric drive can be controlled comfortably by a remote or by a back-up crank in the event of a power failure. They are built even for larger dimensions, with maximum size of 6 x 4 metres. 


The newest version of roller profile with hair which allows the silent control of roller gates and does not disturb animals in the stable. 


We have developed a special system for the automated opening and closing of electric gates that is intended for the farmers who use automated feed pushers in their stalls for the pushing of feed in feed aisles. The system can be installed additionally. It includes four sensors that are placed in an outdoor docking station where a robot is charged up. At the moment when a robotic feed pusher leaves the docking station and passes the sensors, a timers is actuated which measures the pre-set time that the robot needs to reach a stall. In the case of the farm in Uhřice, where we installed this system for the first time, the time interval was set for 2 minutes and 20 seconds. After this interval expires, a roller gate starts opening automatically to let the robot through. To avoid unnecessary loss of heat, the gate is opened only partially (the exact height may also be chosen at will; in this case, the gate opening operation takes 15 seconds), after which it is automatically closed again when a robot has passed through. The gate remains closed for the whole time when a robot works inside a stall (in the case of this farm, the period is 20 to 40 minutes long).

As soon as a robot finishes its work, it starts heading out of a stall, actuating another sensor placed on the interior wall of the building, the gate opens partially once again, a feed pusher gets through after which the gate will be closed. For the uses when there is no need to close a gate, for example during summer, there is one more sensor located in the upper part of a gate that actuates a magnet located in a canvas, and the whole system is then decommissioned. The gate can thus stay rolled up all the day. The sensors are located on both the inner and outer side of a gate in such a manner that it would not be in the way of the machines passing through and could not be damaged by either them or animals. Thanks to this unique Haze system, the roller gate is controlled in a fully automated manner, and the robot can perform its work without any intervention by personnel. In addition, this automated control combining sensors and a timer can also be installed onto other systems, from irrigation to scraper shovels. On the top of it, the motion sensor can be complemented by for example temperature and rain sensors. The system may be additionally installed onto any electrically controlled gate supplied by Haze.

  • The system enables fully automated control of electric roller gates when a feed pusher is in operation.
  • The sensors can be placed and time periods set as necessary for the requirements of a stall. In addition, the sensors do not interfere with usual operations.
  • In summer, when a gate is open by day, the system can be easily decommissioned.
  • The system can be additionally installed onto any electrically controlled gate supplied by Haze and also other systems (irrigation systems, scraper shovels, etc.).


The default roller gate variant, controlled by a crank. Installed up to a maximum opening size of 3 x 3 metres.


This variant features improved controls in the form of a maintenance-free chain transmission. Its advantage lies in its long service life. It can also be fitted with a fall brake on customer request. Installed up to a maximum opening size of 5 x 4 metres.


Rolling wall with central shaft can be fitted onto openings with width above 5,700 mm. It is, therefore, an ideal variant for areas where roller gates can no longer be installed.