In our portfolio you can find a variety of modern ventilation systems for stables for cattle, horses, waiting halls or milking parlours. You have a choice of more types of ventilation system. All these segments are possible to fit with our modern weather station which controls the system fully automatically without the need for any additional input or regulation. We also produce roller gates, entrances with galvanised steel body with strip panelling or systems of entrances and many other accessories as meshes, nets or timbering for side ventilation system. We are also specialised for slurry tank roofing.  

Vent located on the ridge of the roof plays a key role in the ventilation system of the stable. Aside from bringing light into the building, it also provides air circulation in the sable. Thanks to its design, it amplifies the chimney effect and efficiently conducts heat, water vapour and gases from the stables to the outside of the building.

This solution enables fully opening or closing an entire side of the stable and allows full control of the air flow when combined with a ridge vent. Side ventilation elements are controlled either mechanically using a reel or by electricity. In the case of an electric drive, the entire ventilation system can be fitted with a weather station (including rain, wind and temperature sensors) which controls the system fully automatically without the need for any additional input or regulation.

Haze roller gates replace classic leaved or sliding gates. The gate body is hot-dip galvanised and the canvas cloth is rolled onto a shaft mounted above the entrance. This type of installation saves space and prevents the canvas from being damaged by gusts of wind when the gate is open. Colour-wise, the customer can choose which gate design they prefer; a wide range of colour variants (including colour combinations) allows the gate to serve as a brightening element.

Our weather station monitors the weather conditions and automatically adjusts ventilation systems in the stables - both side walls and any double-leaf ridge vents. The weather station reacts to changing wind, rain and temperature and adjusts the ventilation system based on pre-set values to maintain an optimal microclimate. The newest version AGP06 includes touching panel which offers a quick setting of control elements and the option to follow data online. 

There are many types in sizes and versions of gates and entrances. The gates made of a galvanised steel body with strip panelling we offer sliding and swing option (both in single or double leaf option). Entrances can be made by lamellar entrances or milking parlour shutters. 

We provide roofing for slurry tanks with internal diameters between 15 to 35 m. Roofing using a special rigid canvas is the only tried and tested method of completing this task. This solution reduces leakage of ammonia and other odorous gases from the slurry tanks to the atmosphere. It also keeps the rainwater out of these slurry tanks.

There are more types of meshes and nets. In our offer you can find the green draught-proof fabric with air permeability 20 %. Net H07 black/green has higher air permeability with 50 %. The entire air permeability 80 % you can find by the Netlon mesh H12 black and Integrid. 

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