Digitizing Haze's operations also benefits customers


Thanks to the construction of a new hall in Křična, Haze was able to purchase several new machines that will not only make the company's operations more efficient, but also bring benefits to our clients. It is a modern storage machine from Kardex Remstar and a high-frequency welder from Zemat Technology Group.

The purchase of the Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP 700 storage machine was part of the "Digitization and Automation of Production in HAZE, s.r.o." project, which is co-financed by the Operational Programme "Enterprise and Innovations for Competitiveness", i.e. from the resources of the European Union and the Czech Republic state budget. This project was implemented with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade within the scope of the program "The Country for the Future".

Thanks to this modern warehousing system, we not only save space in the warehouse, but above all we digitize the entire logistics chain. Shuttle XP 700 consists of 36 bays, which can be operated from two sides - so we can store or remove goods from both sides at the same time. The warehouse staff conveniently calls the shelf with the required goods, reads the barcodes, relocates the material on a pallet and sends it to the shipping warehouse. The Shuttle XP 700 software is connected to the Helios warehouse system, so we have a continuous overview of the stock status and the possible need to replenish specific products.

Another novelty in our operation is a high-frequency welder for canvases from Zemat Technology Group. Unlike older hot air welding technology, high-frequency welding results in better quality welds, and therefore stronger canvases, which we install in our side ventilation systems as well as roller gates. We believe that you, our customers, will appreciate this innovation.