We provide roofing for slurry tanks with internal diameters between 15 to 35 m. Roofing using a special rigid canvas is the only tried and tested method of completing this task. This solution reduces leakage of ammonia and other odorous gases from the slurry tanks to the atmosphere. It also keeps the rainwater out of these slurry tanks. Our technicians will review your building personally. 


Primarily due to its ability to reduce leakage of ammonia and other odorous gases from the tank into the atmosphere. Secondly, it also prevents rainwater from leaking into the tank.


We install steel hoops along the circumference of the existing concrete tank to anchor the straps mounted in a ring in the centre of the tank. The ring is fitted onto a stainless or concrete pillar. After the straps are tensioned, a special rigid canvas (900 g/m2) is stretched onto the structure to provide roofing. The entire solution is provided along with structural analysis and installation work. All the steel components are made of stainless steel to extend the system's service life as much as possible.