During the last 13 years, our HAZE company has supplied hundreds of technological elements for many stables, farms and other agricultural buildings. Among our satisfied customers belong farms, agricultural collective and horse stables in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic. You can take a look at our top 9 project solution which were built lately. 

TOP PROJECT 01 Farm Svinišťany


The stall for milking cattle in the Svinišťany farm was inspected and approved for use in the autumn 2019. Our company installed sidewall ventilation systems - D type (SVS D) - always two panels for each of the stall sides - in the building. A central curtain that protects the stall from excessive draughts is installed between both sidewalls. The edges of the sidewalls are fitted with inner and outer curtain endings to protect the edges of the curtains from being torn when a gust of wind comes, thus prolonging the life of the ventilation system. All four sidewalls can be comfortably controlled by means of a clearly arranged control panel. We also installed an electric roller gate with steel guide profiles in a galvanized finish, fitted with brushes enabling silent handling of the gate, and with a galvanized roofing.

TOP PROJECT 02 Farm Uhřice

In the dairy farm in Uhřice, we installed one novelty in addition to a standard electric roller gate and sidewalls. At the request of the owners, who use an automated feed pusher for feed pushing in the feeding aisle, we developed a customized system of automated control for the electric gate. Thanks to the system, the roller gate opens automatically to let the approaching robot through, after which the gate is closed again to avoid unnecessary loss of heat. As soon as the robot finishes its work and starts heading out of the stall, the gate is partially opened once again, the feed pusher passes through, after which the gate is automatically closed again. Thanks to this unique system from Haze, the roller gate is controlled in a fully automated manner, and the robot can perform its work without any intervention by human personnel. For details about this system see the Roller Gates section, where you will also find a demonstration video.


TOP PROJECT 03 Farm Nový Telečkov

The calf shed for 210 calves in Nový Telečkov was inspected and approved for use in September 2019. Our company installed sidewall ventilation systems - B type (SVS B) in the building. In the case in this type, the canvas is suspended at the top on steel cables, which are connected onto the main cable that is then reeled via pulleys onto a motor drum. At the bottom, a shaft connected to a motor is attached to the canvas. When the canvas is in motion, the shaft winds the canvas up at the bottom. The ventilation system is connected to the brand new Haze AG06 weather station with a modern touch screen, which enables automatic control of the ventilation system. You will also find a ridge vent and an electric roller gate from Haze in the shed.


TOP PROJECT 04 Farm Vadín


A new cattle stable is located on the livestock farming site in Vadín which is owned by the Agro Posázaví Company. In this state-of-the-art structure designed for 600 dairy cows our company installed six of our up-to-date side ventilation systems, type D, each being connected to our AG05 weather station which is fitted with wind, rain and temperature sensors. Besides our ventilation systems, the Vadín farm is also equipped with our steel wing gates with batten lining and with roofed electric rolling gates.

TOP PROJECT 05 Farm Podmyče


Agricultural farm Podmyče, which falls within Zemědělské družstvo Petřín (Agricultural Collective Petřín) of RHEA Holding, holds a number of our most cutting-edge solutions. Ideal conditions in the stables are provided by type D electric mobile rolling walls along with a double-leaf ridge vent.

TOP PROJECT 06 Farm Hněvkovice 


For the modern cattle stable located in the ZEMKO Kožlí compound in Hněvkovice, we installed a roller door and side ventilation systems connected to a weather station. The side walls are of type D: the canvas is rolled up onto a bottom shaft with electric drive and the top mounting of the canvas is also mobile. Both shafts can move up and down and the canvas can be unrolled even in the central section of the wall.

TOP PROJECT 07 Královice (Riding hall)


One of our latest implementations can be found on the riding grounds of Královický Dvůr in Královice u Slaného. We outfitted the local riding hall's existing timbering with electrically controlled type C side ventilation walls with the canvas fastened in the top. In fair weather, the canvas can be simply rolled up top to allow a pleasant flow of air through the riding hall. Once wind starts blowing, or it snows or rains, the walls get pulled down and the customers can continue riding on without issue.

TOP PROJECT 08 Farm Jilem 


The cattle farm in Jilem features a number of our technological elements. The walls of the stable carry our latest type D side ventilation systems with two mobile shafts. This ventilation system is complemented by the most common ridge vent solution in the form of a laminate vent without damper. Entrances to the stable are fitted with roller gates with roofing (electric and chain variant) and a sliding, double-leaf steel gate. Waiting halls in front of milking parlours are fitted with type F polycarbonate walls. The system enables fully closing the walls in winter to prevent the waiting hall from freezing. 

TOP PROJECT 09 Farm Mladoňovice 


We utilised a number of new, more modern elements in this realisation. Since we strive to continue improving our products in pace with newly developed materials that enter the market. We fitted the cattle stables in Mladoňovice with type C side ventilation walls, but using new canvases from Austrian manufacturer Sattler, which have 30 % more higher rigidity and better light permeation. The ventilation systems now features firmer sealing, more durable guides and new rubber that does not leave stains as easily. The stable is also equipped with a classic ridge vent without air flow control and roofed roller gate with new noise dampening bristles for windy weather, creating a more comfortable and quieter atmosphere in the stable.

and other satisfied customers are: 

ZD Trhový Štěpánov, Zemědělské družstvo KNĚŽMOST (Jičín), Zemědělská akciová společnost Koloveč (okres Domažlice), ZEOS Dolní Lipka, Avena Kravaře farma Blíževedly, AGRO Bílá, a. s., AGRO Dolní Kralovice, AGRO Dolní Kralovice, Zevyt, s. r. o., Kladruby, Květov, Dolní Kralovice, Loukovec, Olešná, Počátky, Popovice, Samšín, Agromont Vimperk atd.