Side walls instead of rolling doors? They work perfectly!


How to deal with a situation where the customer wishes rolling gate in a wider design than can be manufactured? During the construction of the premises of STROM PRAHA, the exclusive distributor of John Deere equipment for the Czech Republic, we managed the situation simply - instead of rolling gate, we recommended a side ventilation system type E to the client.

The height of the opening is 3.5 m in all cases, we then installed the canvases in four widths of 14.9 rm (two pieces), 17 rm, 20 rm and 14.5 rm. All visible elements are in anthracite color to maintain the overall appearance of the building. In the space under the wound canvas, there are two vertical sliding guide supports, which allow maximum passage. Without moving the vertical supports, the passage width of 5-7 running meters is always maintained, depending on the given width of the opening. We also installed a solid canvas panel above the opening and from the side.

"This top order has been in preparation for 12 months. We participated in the project from the very beginning, we were involved in the selection of all the details," comments Petr Hanousek, CEO of Haze. "This was already our second cooperation with our VIP client, STROM PRAHA, and this year we will have our third. The customer is satisfied with our work, and that is the most important thing for us."