Haze successfully completed its first contract in Poland


Our company realized the historically first order in Poland. It was a new stable building on a farm in a town called Goleszow. The client was an agricultural company, which regularly receives highest awards for agricultural production in Poland. We have installed electric roller gates and our side ventilation system type C in the building, albeit the dimensions were slightly unconventional.

On an agricultural farm in a Polish town Goleszow, a new stable for beef cattle was built. The building is not typical - it is an iron structure with brick gables and a suspended concrete haunching for the animal's side shelters. At the owner's request, we installed 6 electric roller gates in green and metallic silver and our side ventilation systems type C, with lengths of 35 and 25 running meters, in the building. Because the stable is designed for animals of different ages (and therefore different sizes), there are sails of different heights on both sides of the stable.

Our side ventilation system type C works on the principle of opening from below. In the upper part, the canvas is fixed in an aluminum ledge and in the lower part of the canvas there is a shaft. This shaft is driven by an electric drive. As the shaft rotates, the height of the hole cover changes. Due to the construction design of the building, the control buttons of the system are installed from the outside of the building. For use inside the stable, we programmed only one remote button, which we placed on the inside of the column at the manure corridors. This eliminated the possibility of animals getting to the button.

The farm owner is currently considering connecting the side ventilation system to the Haze automatic weather station, which would make the entire ventilation system fully automatic.