Haze is involved in the construction of the largest stable in Europe


It is being built in Nové Zámky, Slovakia, and will be the largest building of its kind in Europe - it will measure 300 meters in length and can hold up to 1,600 dairy cows. Currently, the building is halfway through, the first part of the cowshed measures 150 meters and can hold 800 dairy cows. Our company supplied side ventilation system type D to this stable, our currently most modern side ventilation system, which is also connected to the AGP 05 weather station.

The stable measuring 65 x 300 meters will be an exceptional building. Not only by its dimensions, but also by the fact that the land on which it stands is inclined, which our prefabricated BVS D system also had to deal with. The owners chose this side ventilation system, partly because Nové Zámky is located in the lowlands, where it is very windy. They needed a solution that would best deal with the conditions and that would provide the cattle with maximum comfort and easy service for the staff.

With the side wall type D, the canvas rolls to the required height and also allows vertical movement, so it is the most suitable solution in terms of shading. "The client chose the BVS D system also because it met the height parameters and offers a stronger construction," says the owner of Haze, Petr Hanousek.

On each side of the stable, the fitters installed a total of 4 pieces of rolling canvases - each of which is 75 meters long and 3.5 meters high. With our side ventilation system type D, the maximum length of one wall is determined by the height. In general, we can say that the optimal length of one piece is 60 meters at a height of up to 4 meters - due to the fact that there are passaging / handling alleys in stables, in most cases the length of 60 meters is the maximum length.

In the stables in Nové Zámky, the rolling canvases are connected to the AGP 05 weather station. It responds to changing weather conditions, and automatically adjusts the ventilation system according to preset values to maintain an optimal microclimate in the stables. The canvases on both sides of the building can move independently of each other. Our installers have installed wind, temperature and rain sensors on each side of the building. In the weather station, all data from the sensors are collected and evaluated. With the AGP 05 type, both the settings and the monitoring itself can be performed either via the main panel or via a computer or tablet through the web interface.

The installation of side ventilation systems type D began in Nové Zámky at the beginning of March and lasted several weeks. The connection and commissioning of the entire system took about three days. The entire stable will be completed in 2021.