Weather station Haze: Worry-free air circulation! 


Having a high-quality stables ventilation system is important for several reasons - it ensures the animals live in comfort, influences the distribution of natural light inside the stable, reduces the speed of air flow and reduces the number of birds that fly into the building. The ideal solution is for the system to function independently without your input - and Haze weather stations are up to the challenge.

The weather may be fickle but you can rest easy. The weather station monitors the weather for you and automatically adjusts the ventilation systems in stables, reacting to wind, rain and temperature.

The moment wind starts blowing, the electronic system gradually shuts the side canvases to one third, then two thirds, then finally closes them completely. The weather station has different settings for different wind strengths so that the system knows how far it should shut the sides of the stable in response to specific wind intensity. Similarly, the system has a set response inertia, so that it always takes some time before the weather station sends the signal to change settings. This helps reduce the wear and energy consumption of the driving units.

The electronic system has a similar set of settings for rain and temperature changes. If the weather station is connected to a ridge vent, the system shuts it completely when it rains. In response to temperature, the system is capable of starting up low-speed fans or shading systems and allows setting different configurations for summer and winter. 

Saving Your Money

The weather station includes two wind speed sensors (each on different side of the stable), a heated rain sensor also capable of detecting snow and one to three temperature sensors. All the gathered information is then collected in the main distributor, which then displays them on a screen.

The weather station can be connected to all types of side ventilation systems in our company's assortment. We can also connect additional elements to the system on customer request, such as an electronic control system for the ridge vent, controls for the fans in the stable or shielding against direct sunlight. When in "winter mode", the system monitors the temperature in the stables and shuts the canvases to the appropriate extent when temperature drops below the set value. This prevents cold air from getting inside the stable and saves you money you would have to spend for e.g. heating the water in the drinkers. On the opposite side of the spectrum, "summer mode" allows opening up the side walls of the stables during sultry summer days.

Another practical function is the monitoring of the leeward and windward side. The electronic system is independently capable of recognising which side the wind is stronger at and adjusts the canvas position accordingly - leaving it partially open on the leeward side while closing it on the windward side. Doing so ensures sufficient stable ventilation even at times of extreme weather.

Meanwhile, you can monitor the current weather and keep track of the station's running comfortably on your computer via an Internet browser. No need to worry about anything else - our experts will set the electronic system so that it takes the specific placement of the stables into account (mountain areas, for instance, tend to have different weather conditions over the course of the year than at lower elevations). Once the final details have been tuned up in full operation, the system is completely autonomous and requires no additional input. Our Haze weather station will maintain optimal conditions in your stables while you can focus on other tasks!