A functional solution for garden centers? Side ventilation system type E


Haze side ventilation systems are suitable not only for cattle houses or riding halls, but also for garden centers, i.e. larger roofed areas where the handling equipment and of course customers must move comfortably. This is exactly the demand we got from the garden center Škuta in Údlice near Chomutov.

The client asked us to design side walls of the glasshouses so that customers can move freely throughout the space, but also client's employees and the handling equipment. We recommended our side ventilation system type E, which works on the principle of opening from below. In the upper part, canvas is fixed in an aluminium ledge. In central part, canvas is fitted with a kedder rail which serves for mounting the canvas into a reel-in shaft with a drive motor. Thanks to the shaft positioning in the center of canvas, canvas reels in twice as fast, as compared to other types of ventilation systems.

"In addition, no installation elements interfere with the area under the rolled up canvas, except for vertical guiding supports. As a result, handling equipment with gardening supplies is able to travel under the canvas without restriction," adds Lubomír Trunda, Haze product manager.

In particular, in the garden center at Údlice, in two days we installed two separate canvases with lengths of 14.3 and 14.5 meters and a height of 3.5 meters and also the canvas with a length of 24 m and a height of 3.6 meters. All three canvases have their own drive and can therefore move independently of each other - depending on how the weather, or the center management, requires.

As for the side ventilation system type E, the maximum wall length is determined based on the height - optimum wall length is 50 meters at a height of 3.5 meters. "For this project, we fitted guiding supports in axial distance of 4 meters, by which we copied the steel structure and thus retained the maximum handling space," explains Lubomír Trunda.

In order to allow customers to freely pass through the outdoor glasshouse, we completed the side canvases type E with the electric roll-up gates. Thanks to the gates, for example in bad weather, employees can only open a narrow passage and leave the side walls closed.