One of the most interesting projects of 2020? The Bohdalov Farm!


Although we have implemented dozens of excellent projects in 2020, the Bohdalov farm is definitely one of the most interesting. Two brand new stables for cattle have been built there, including a waiting area and a milking parlour, to which we supplied a number of technological elements.

The ventilation of the new stables is secured with the most advanced of our side ventilation systems - the type D side ventilation system. In this model, the canvas is wound onto a shaft to achieve the desired covering height, and the system can also move vertically. This solution functions not only to ventilate but also to shade the buildings. The side ventilation systems are supplemented with roof ridge vents without air flow control.

For the waiting area, the owners opted for the type F side ventilation system, which consists of polycarbonate walls. This is exactly a material that is perfect for waiting areas or milking parlours, i.e., the places where greater thermal insulation is required. The waiting area and the milking parlour are separated with leaved and sliding gates made of PUR panels. In the milking parlour, we installed a double-leaf ridge went and sectional and roller gates. You will also find Haze roller gates in the buildings of the Bohdalov farm.